Aluminium shutters that
can be used for both security and outdoor installations

A good quality, locally produced and beautiful aluminium shutter that has fantastic light and privacy control characteristics as well as being an excellent security barrier. A great choice for external openings or damp/humid environments as well those openings that require extra security.


  • High level of safety

  • Internal or external

  • 10 year guarantee

  • Short lead time

  • Environmentally friendly

Why shutters?

Every window or door has one or multiple requirements – control light, provide privacy or a security barrier. In the past home owners would look for curtains or blinds to assist with the privacy and light control an then ugly burglar bars to provide the security. Having to install these both costly and often resulted in a ruined view, poor quality products that broke easily and curtains and drapes that ended up getting dirty didn’t handle wind at all.

Shutters have been around for decades as window coverings, however they have mainly been for aesthetic and light reasons and had limitations of size and material. Enter today’s shutters that can be made to fit most openings, provide light and privacy control and are available as a beautiful security product and the homeowner gets all their requirements from one beautiful product and the added benefit of insulation against both the cold and heat.