Advanced Engineered Frameless Glass Systems

The Sunflex range of frameless glass systems enhance the attractiveness of every home through the use of frameless glass and slimline aluminum running profiles. Their bespoke nature allows for the seamless integration of systems into new as well as existing buildings and structures. Using only the highest quality materials, fittings and fixtures Sunflex SA prides itself on delivering a quality product and market leading levels of service to its customers. With 23 years of researched and development at Sunflex in Germany, Sunflex SA brings a product that is not only elegant and simple to use but one that can be trusted to outlast the rest.
The big advantage of using the Sunflex range of products is the abundance of layouts and options available. Whether it be different glass properties or different materials, there is the right product for every requirement. With Sunflex products, large scale glazing can be opened and closed comfortably by means of either disconnected or interconnected panels whichever suits the clients needs. A transparent all-rounder with a guarantee for quality and longevity.
glass sliding systems

Glass Sliding Systems – SF20

A floor-mounted sliding system that opens to the left or right as desired. System information Variants floor-mounted sliding system sliding to the left or right as desired Profile technology 15 mm panel … More Info

slide and turn systems

Frameless Slide & Turn Systems

SUNFLEX slide and turn systems enhance the attractiveness of every home through the contrast of glass and wall. Their individually moveable, unconnected glass panels can be opened over the entire front and parked as a … More Info

Sunflex SA Commercial Glass Wall

Commercial Glass Wall – SF40

Large buildings and wide shop fronts can be closed and reopened conveniently with the SUNFLEX horizontal sliding wall systems. The individual glass panels are not connected to each other. Thus, they can be parked in a … More Info